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Your analytical issue is our passion: As an independent accredited testing laboratory for chemical analysis in accordance with ÖVE/Önorm EN ISO/IEC 17 025 we support our customers with many years of experience in the production and innovation process.

Our services focus on the following business areas:

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Implementation of Ph. Eur. -/USP/JP methods
  • Damage investigations of Out of Spec. – Results
  • Raw material analysis and product control; Excipients, Extractable, Leachable
  • Control of received goods
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  • Concentration limit monitoring and concentration determination
  • Sampling and on-site investigations
  • Damage investigations and consulting
  • Technical and legal consultation on industrial plants
  • Initial condition reports and product control
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Commercial and Industrial Companies

  • Verification of compliance with concentration limits and regulations
  • Product testing
  • Sampling and on-site investigations
  • Characterization of waste
  • Emission control in liquid and gaseous media
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Courts and Insurance Agencies

  • Judicial-certified expert
  • Consultation on permission/certification procedures
  • Judicially usable conservation of evidence
  • Consulting in case of exceeding concentration limits and in case of damages
  • Expert report preparation and report review from a single source
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