About us

We, Chemcon GmbH, are an independent, chemical analytical testing and research centre in Vienna.

In 1992, Dr. Dipl. Ing. Karoline Strasser established the laboratory Chemcon GmbH with her husband Dr. Dipl. Ing. Christian Strasser. Together they laid the foundation for the entire quality system.

Starting with a used gas chromatograph and an HP Vectra 486 calculation system, they used their theoretical and practical expertise to offer services in the field of hydrocarbon analysis. Over the next years, the functionality of their company has been continuously expanded and optimized in all departments.

Another focus has been placed on employee training: Chemcon now employs technicians who have learned their “craft” from the very beginning as apprentices (then called chemical laboratory technicians) with us and expand their knowledge with internal and external trainings. Extremely low staff turnover is a significant asset in the quality sector from which our customers benefit.

Today, Dr. Dipl. Ing. Karoline Strasser and Dr. Dipl. Ing. Christian Strasser are the proud heads of a testing centre with more than three specialist laboratory complexes, a wide range of trained laboratory technicians, a quality assurance system perfected over decades and a variety of measuring instruments in order to be ready for as many tasks as possible.


"QQuality means that the customer returns, not the goods."
– Hermann Tietz