Commercial and Industrial Companies

Verification of compliance with concentration limit values and regulations

Legislative texts can often be difficult and inscrutable, especially for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

As an independent company in Vienna, we support our customers in dealing with regulations or ordinances.

Sampling and on-site investigations

Every successful analysis begins with the correct collection of the sample. But also, most errors can occur here, which strongly influence the overall result.

Chemcon provides its customers with technicians with many years of experience, who are able to take samples in a wide variety of operating modes and carry out on-site tests.

Product testing

Even in highly optimized manufacturing processes, errors of various kinds can occur, which only reveal themselves in a deterioration of the product quality.

A combination of a in depth discussion about the situation and a comprehensive, individually adapted, analytical investigation is an effective way to get to the bottom of the source of the damage.

Emission control in liquid and gaseous media

Environmental protection is considered to be of enormous importance in Austria and therefore environmental damages are quickly prosecuted.

Preventing this requires constant emission and immission monitoring of plants, whereby Chemcon and its technicians can provide support through years of expertise.