Quality Assurance

The most important asset of Chemcon is the validity of the statements of our results reports, expert opinions and methods.

Routine assurance of our quality through internal and external audits guarantees the validity of our statements and forms the foundation of our analysis.


The designation of our laboratory as an “accredited testing centre” requires an annual review of our quality management regarding all accredited processes.

The current scope of accreditation of our independent accredited testing laboratory for chemical analysis (according to ÖVE/Önorm EN ISO/IEC 17 025) is described on the website of the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location.

Internal quality assurance

From the receipt of the sample to the finalisation of the test report, every activity within Chemcon undergoes an optimized, standardized, internal verification, which has been honed to account for all relevant details over decades, whether it be the correctness of all documents, the accuracy and precision of our equipment or the handling of sample material.

External review

Each of our customers is unique in their order details, but also in their quality requirements. Upon request, we give our customers the opportunity to formulate their own quality characteristics.

Especially in the field of pharmaceutical analysis, our laboratory undergoes a regular review regarding our quality management and method validity.